The Poetry of Soil

You askin' me?   What do you think?

Being There

I almost missed it
I almost obliterated it.

A tiny dust mote of a spider
with tight-fisted legs working on a filament
visible in only one direction
backlit by sunlight

it slides down the invisible silk
and climbs back up again
maybe to check on a repair
finally free-falling into an abrupt stop.

Drifting ever so slightly
I blow on it so it swings
and walk off
to get a pad and pencil.

I almost…

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Casual Summer Conversation

the heat is off
on our honeymoon next year
just let go
we can’t find San Francisco
for the love of chocolate
drippy over packed ice cream cones
don’t peel the peaches; simply rub off the fuzz
chill a good beaujolais
what can you do with corn?
I never met a fritter that I didn’t like
wake up and smell the coffee
so not vanilla – malted milk balls
always entertain the…

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After You Let Go

After You Let Go

What Would I Do

If I was a stone
and you suddenly come by
pick me up and skip me 
across the surface
of a clear long pond?

Would I remember
after you let go
that I was still only a stone
or would I sail a wide open sky
a shooting star on its way home?

ag ~ 2014

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a shade darker


I wrote these haiku two years ago, and they are as fresh today as when I wrote them – a tribute to the wonderment of nature.

Originally posted on Awoodlandrose’s Blog:

late summer haiku

glistening sea
once a sandcastle
stood this ground

sultry air

the cutting edge
of her voice

evening shadows
drift onto the dune
a day’s regrets

meteor shower
lost in

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In the Distance

The Scent of Mint

Looking across the green of grass 
with daisies and deer in the distance
the first evening crickets chirp and pulse
the twilight of mid summer.

Despite yesterday’s fullness and flurry
a true celebration of summer art
on paved sidewalks -
it is today’s soft rustle of grasses
her summer skirt in full bloom
that beckons and trills
“can you come out play?”

Poets may chime and rhyme

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A Summer Moon

Originally posted on Awoodlandrose’s Blog:

A Summer Moon

born to
a summer moon
always yours
to hold

with golden curls
that honeycomb
the morning’s
early glow

through fields
woods and meadows
on pond seas

we play
catching rides
on children’s swings
laughing in the breeze

we hunt seaglass
the color of your eyes
tumbled by the shore’s
rocky waves

pray to the goddess
and converse

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Under Its Spell

Crossing Another Threshold

Sweetbay Magnolia…
smitten under its spell
I propose marriage

I say Yes!
butterflies in my gut

my smile

I shall wear
a pink cotton dress
and a daisy in my hair

grass and clover
between my toes
an acorn cap ring

my vows are tender
sweet and sincere
a cardinal croons nearby

Dogwood and Redwood
sabor a path
a rabbit scoots ahead

mint and sage
peach and…

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Heaven’s Home

Heaven’s Home

ladders to the sky

a blue jay’s piercing cry
the robin’s egg cupping blue
a tipsy moth’s free flight
the morning glory’s climb 
out of the night

an acorn realizing it’s an oak
puffing sails that lean
into a swelling sea
island bells that chime
on a soft summer breeze

a firefly pulsing star light
stars pulsing fire light
a lovers’ kiss as they melt into one
the last glance of day 
towards a…

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a June romance


Lightning bugs are out and about! This is a reblog in honor of the coming solstice and lightning bugs/fireflies that keep the sun’s light pulsing throughout the short but dark nights.

Originally posted on Awoodlandrose’s Blog:

fireflies gently tilt and float
the night into my bedroom mirror
eddying their sparkling lullaby
a glance of light here and there

such short flights of…

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June Love


thunder drums
the earth 
returns the call
red roses issue
bullfrogs echo
rivers storm
however brief
that passion 
eddies back
a plea from
the full strawberry moon
and her wild
goddess energy
pay attention
to these gifts

ag ~ 2014

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