The Poetry of Soil

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April Fools Day and Weathered Plank

April Fools Day and Weathered Plank

Morning  begins
a bit of burnished burlap
chill in the air.
Afternoon delight -
a warm orange drizzle
of sun sky
toasts the clouds.
Evening glow -
a toffee crunch
and dreamy sickle moon.

Next day
wave goodbye.
Morning begins
on point of a quill.
Afternoon stretch -
a lion’s slumber
and shy blossoms.
Evening inchworms into
soft sheep wool
and cobblestone cool.

Old bones of weathered plank
tire of…

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When a Friend Goes Missing…

When a Friend Goes Missing…

He’s not exactly a friend.  We’ve never actually met in person.  He lives across an ocean, and we do not share or know the details of our daily lives.  And yet, when the news of his disappearance circulated, it hit home – with a fury.

Martin is the well respected editor and poet of “Presence” –  a British journal of haiku and related Japanese-influenced poetry.  He is a leader and author whose…

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Until The Wind Rattles…

Until The Wind Rattles…

I fetch a leaf

off the forest floor,

morning sun warms

slanting rock

the silence of stone

and heartbeats of prayer.

In a cloud

tendered on a breeze

your ashes sail

and come to rest

between canyon walls

and periwinkle sky.

Brushing our cheeks

along the way

with soft caresses

landing on pinyon and sage

the earth and stars

welcome you home.

ag  ~ for Robin



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Deep Within Our Knowing

Deep Within Our Knowing





Cloud high

on a canyon rim

a raven sails

the sea of sky

carrying the blue silence.

Round and round

deep within wrinkled walls


drifts along

the slow breath of stone.


and the unknowable

mingle with our prayers

and salted tears

we simply offer as gifts.

In this moment

of grace-filled presence

we watch you fly

between the worlds

along with the Ancient Ones.


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NaHaiWriMo ~ 2014:28

NaHaiWriMo ~ 2014:28

ice slides off the roof
another reminder of
why I write haiku

ag ~ 2014

On this note of a rare traditional 5-7-5 syllable-count haiku/senryu on my part, I would like to thank everyone for reading and sharing (via Twitter) the past twenty-eight days of NaHaiWriMo with me. It is both a pleasure and a challenge to write a story for each day as succinctly as possible. And despite the long harsh…

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NaHaiWriMo ~ 2014:27

NaHaiWriMo ~ 2014:27

February new moon a no show this longed for lover

ag ~ 2014

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NaHaiWriMo ~ 2014:26

NaHaiWriMo ~ 2014:26

winter returns
one glove or scarf usually
left behind

ag ~ 2014

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NaHaiWriMo ~ 2014:25

NaHaiWriMo ~ 2014:25

the dog sniffs
guts on snow
I look away

ag ~ 2014

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NaHaiWriMo ~2014:24

NaHaiWriMo ~2014:24

Monday morning
the withering wind

ag ~ 2014

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NaHaiWriMo ~ 2014:23

NaHaiWriMo ~ 2014:23

winter thaw
a good mail day

ag ~ 2014

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